12 Devs of Autumn

Thursday 24th October

The third 12 Devs event will take place this Autumn. We’ll be taking over the newly opened Shoreditch Works Village Hall for another evening of talks, company and some amazing food & drink too!

Our first two events have been incredible with some amazing feedback from those who attended. We’re hoping to top that with our third event this October. We’re going to start introducing some structure to the events. From this event onwards, each evening will have one Keynote talk (approx 30 minutes), a mid-length talk of around 20 minutes and two shorter 12 minutes talks.

Coincidentally, if you’re interested in speaking at a 12 Devs event, do get in touch!


  • Aral Balkan

    Aral Balkan is an experience designer working to change the world by bringing design thinking to open source. His latest project, Prometheus, is an ambitious initiative to build a beautiful new mobile platform that empowers regular people to own their own data. He is an award-winning speaker and a board member of CodeClub.

  • Westley Knight

    Senior Developer with @thinkbda, lover of front end stuff, writer of sorts, speaker of nonsense, father and husband. Not necessarily in order of importance.

12 Devs 12 Minutes

Each event we'll be giving two people fairly new to speaking the oppotunity to speak in our two 12 minute slots.

  • Adam Yeats

    Described by almost everyone* as a cross between Snoop Dogg and Santa Claus, Adam is a JavaScript and Ruby developer, and Developer Relations Engineer at Pusher.

    He’s here to make sure developers who use Pusher are happy developers. He’s the guy you should direct questions about Pusher to, and you’ll most likely see him at events representing them. Say “Hi!” to him, he may look like Chewbacca but he’s much less aggressive.

    He’s also a volunteer fireman, a semi-professional racecar driver and an amateur tattoo artist.

    * citation needed

  • Kat Thompson

    Nicknamed a Pixel Queen by friends and colleagues, Kat works as a UX designer and developer in central London. A mix of skills and a love of UX means she gets stuck into projects of all shapes and sizes, and is happiest working on multiple projects at once.

    She blogs at https://londonkitten.com, loves pear cider, CSS, sketching, cameras and geeky boys; and she’s a craftaholic with a love of making things.


Mozilla London event space

For our third event, we’ve had a slight change of venue, we love Mozilla but we also love the community and want to open up the event to as many people as possible. In that spirit and in the spirit of the community in the web/tech industry, we are really happy to be able to take 12 Devs to the newly opening Shoreditch Works Village Hall! With a capacity of 150 it means we’re able to open up the event to almost twice as many people as before.

“Shoreditch Works, a community & coworking space for startups in Tech City, ran a Kickstarter campaign to open the ‘Shoreditch Works Village Hall’ in June this year. The original goal of £25,000 was intended to create a hub for the community, the they smashed through this target and ended up with over £90,000 – 360% funded.”

Find Shoreditch Works on Google Maps. (postcode N1 6NN).