The Thoughts series we’ll be talking to a variety of people in the web industry focussing on a certain topic each time to give your their views and opinions from their perspective in the industry.

Thoughts will be a long running series and over time we're aiming to cover a whole host of different topics. If you have any ideas or topics you think we should cover, get in touch at [email protected].

Keir Whitaker on workshops

I have been fortunate to attend a number of workshops with web industry experts and have benefitted greatly from them. Whether it be learning new concepts, affirming an approach I currently use or making new friends I always believe they are worth the time and money.

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Josh Emerson on internships

In my opinion, the single greatest aspect of being an intern is immersion. I acted like a sponge the whole time, picking up tips and tricks from everyone around me. The guys at Clearleft are really good at running workshops, communicating ideas, managing client expectations, usability testing, etc. I got to sit in on all these activities and learn by experience.

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Kat Thompson on academia

It took me a long time to understand what a really good education experience could be. I’ve got 3 degrees – business management, human resource management, and web design; it wasn’t until the third degree that I really got education.

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Si Jobling on university lecturing

Maybe it gave the students confidence in finding their first gig. Heaven forbid, I might have actually provided a small insight into the industry. Whatever it was, I realised by just giving up a few hours of my day to a room full of students motivated them to join our – not industry – community.

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