12 Devs of Summer

Thursday 18th July

Our second event is coming this summer, once again we’ll be taking over the Mozilla Space in London for an evening of great talks, great company, and of course hopefully some food and drink too! Our first event was amazing and thank you all for coming along, it was a great night with some fantastic speakers, we can’t wait to see you all there again hopefully. There’s plenty to look forward to! Again the night will consist of 5 short 15 minute talks each with hopefully some giveaways in between, if you’re lucky.

Thanks everyone for coming along, you can now see all the videos from the event on our videos page.


    • Paul King

      Interested in far too many things to be particularly good at any one of them.. doesn’t stop me trying, though. Also, I love to make stuff.

    • Peter Gasston

      Peter is a veteran web developer and technologist, working across the varied environments of agencies, start-ups and corporates. He enjoys writing for sites such as Smashing Magazine and A List Apart, for .net Magazine, and on his own blog, Broken Links, and is the author of “The Book of CSS3” and “The Modern Web”.

    • Stu Robson

      Stu Robson is a freelance front-end developer based in Salisbury, Wiltshire. With a passion for all things Sass and a keen advocate of modern and Responsive Web Design. You can generally find him jokingly ranting on twitter at @sturobson.

    • Paul Davis & Tom Ashworth

      Paul is a designer, speaker, music lover, drummer and general nerd. .Net mag once gave him Young Dev of the year.

      Tom is a Javascript developer working at Left Logic in sunny Brighton and is working on a raft of side projects. @phuu on Github, @phuunet on Twitter!

      And together the pair host the podcast @lessthanbang.


    Mozilla London event space

    MozSpace can be found in the heart of London just round the corner from Leicester square and Covent Garden. A modern space with a bright orange bar we thought this would be a great venue for the first ever 12 Devs event, it was so good that we’re going back again!. With plenty of space to relax and Mozilla staff hanging around to ask about their latest projects.

    View on Google Maps

    Need help getting to the venue, check out this video from Mozillian Christian Heilmann on how to get to Moz London from Leicester Square tube station.